First Look at Alienacs

Here’s a new game I’ve been working on called Alienacs where you run through a maze trying to capture your eggs before humans get them and destroy your race! Took a break from Legend Bowl to clear my head and do something different as a side project as a mobile game.

The game is based on an older game called Mazeiacs which was an 80’s game where you run around a maze, avoiding creatures finding some gold and carry the gold back to your starting location. Moving around in the maze and fighting monsters consumes energy so the player is always under pressure to act fast and win the game with minimal moves possible.

Enemies can be defeated if the player is carrying a sword. Swords are found scattered around the maze and each sword can only be used once before it breaks. A sword cannot be carried at the same time as the gold, meaning once you grab the gold you better remember the shortest way to your starting location and avoid enemies as much as possible.

There were also prisoners who would highlight the correct path to the gold (or the exit) for a short period of time once the player touched and rescued them.

This pretty much sums up Maziacs. I had nothing better to do in life so I began wondering what happens if we try it the other way round? What if the player controls a monster who is trying to avoid humans? What if, instead of plundering gold, this monster is trying to acquire or save something that is confiscated by humans?

These questions made me come up with Alienacs… You are an alienac, (a race of alien maniacs?) who lives an uneventful day to day life, cleaning your hive, gathering food, baby sitting larva and other chores every other aliens do.

Life is good until a human science expedition arrives to your planet and decides to confiscate your eggs in the name of science. Such savage action from humans gets you seriously upset, you lose your fertility and enter menopause. Unable to reproduce, you have no other choice but to rescue your eggs as the future of your existence depends on it.

You sneak into the human research facility to find and rescue your eggs from the clutches of evil human scientists.


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